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I want to thank you for the amazing difference you’ve made in my life. I’ve not seen a doctor since because I have the utmost respect for you! I trust you 199% and don’t think I could find another doctor that meets your standards.

Dr. Choudhri spent over an hour with me at my consultation. His bedside manner, is thorough, compassionate and he has great hands. Also, I recently heard from a friend who knows someone from the Augusta Medical Center... anyway, this person fell off a roof and Dr. Choudhri operated his upper spine and the patient credits the doctor with his ability to walk and lead a normal life. I would suggest if you’re looking for another opinion or need a neurosurgeon you consider him for a consultation.

No one else is going to touch me, just you. I don’t trust anyone but you!

Haroon Choudhri is a phenomenal neurosurgeon that spared me from eventual paralysis with a complicated and challenging surgery. I have been pain free and physically active for the last 10 years and enjoy retirement including building homes and enjoying a growing family with 8 grandchildren. I have encouraged tens of friends to use Dr. Choudhri without a single negative outcome. Thank God for his talents and dedication

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