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Education of Patient & Discussion of options

Our goal for this phase of care is for you to understand the risks, benefits and alternatives to the proposed treatments in great detail. If you don't understand something, no matter how small or trivial, we want you to speak up! Bring along a family member, have your referring physician call us, whatever it takes for you to make a fully informed decision.

We will use a combination of your medical imaging, analogies, illustrations and discussion to help you to understand what we feel is going on and what we can offer in an attempt to correct the problems. We don't want you to feel rushed or pushed, this is your decision. This is important. Take your time.


Do I need surgery?

All decisions for surgery involve a careful balancing of the risks and benefits. We will only offer surgery if we feel that there is a risk to avoiding or delaying surgery which is greater than the risks of the proposed treatment plan.

Can I get another opinion?

Absolutely, in fact, we encourage you to compare our careful Spine-alysis and education process with others.

What if I do not have surgery as offered?

We will describe our best understanding of the natural history of your condition that you can expect without surgery. While we do not have a crystal ball and cannot predict the future, we can use scientific data to help guide decision making.