Hudson Neurosurgery



Dr. Choudhri has over 17 years of experience in training residents and fellows within the Neurosurgical specialty. Dr. Choudhri will be leading the Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgery Society's new Spine Division and will be leading committees on their Oral Board Examination and Spine Fellowship Accreditation.

Hudson Neurosurgery offers several educational programs ranging from the formal Fellowship in Complex Spine Surgery to various Observerships and Subinternships as well as Medical Student Clerkships. Select individuals may apply for a position as a Pre-Residency Fellow or as Medical Assistant.

Fellowship in Complex Spine Surgery - The majority of training will be completed at St. John's Riverside Hospital with Dr. Choudhri as director of the Spine Fellowship. It is expected that after the one year fellowship, the trainee will be able to independently evaluate, develop treatment plans, and carry out surgery for patients with a wide variety of pathologies. The trainee will also be provided adequate time for cadaver lab training and skills development. 

Specific surgical techniques and procedures that will be mastered during the fellowship will include:

Anterior Cervical Spine: ACDF, Corpectomy, Cages, Plating

Posterior Cervical Spine: Laminectomies, Foraminotomies, Lateral Mass Screws, OC Fusion, C12 Fusion, Cervical-Thoracic Junction techniques

Posterior Thoracolumbar: Decompression (minimally invasive & open) ranging from fenestration/hemilaminotomy to wide decompressive laminectomies, lateral recess decompression, Pedicle screw fixation (from T1 to S1 and Spinopelvic fixation techniques)

Anterior/Lateral Thoracolumbar: Approach & Surgical Techniques for Lateral Transpsoas Interbody Fusion, Thoracic Discectomy via transthoracic approach and ALIF

Spinal Deformity: Osteotomies (one and three column), Deformity Correction Techniques, In situ Bending

Spinal Tumors: Management of primary and malignant spinal tumors at all levels

Pain Management: Epidural Injections (transforaminal/caudal), Radiofrequency Ablation, Biopsy, Percutaneous cement augmentation (Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty) (Optional)

Functional Spine Surgery: Spinal Cord Stimulation, Intrathecal pumps (narcotic and Baclofen) and pain procedures as well as minimally invasive approaches (Optional)

Adult & Pediatric Deformity: Comprehensive training in Spinal Deformity including Idiopathic, Degenerative, & Neuromuscular (additional 12 months required)


Pre-Residency Fellowship, Medical Assistant training, Medical Student Clerkships and Subinternships can be developed to suit the needs of trainees at various levels of their medical education.

Observerships can be arranged at any time.