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Developing a Plan

We now understand your problems and goals. We have asked our questions, reviewed the medical records, performed targeted physical examination, and completed our Spine-alysis. It is time for us to find a way to help you achieve your goals. We now need to draw upon a long history of caring for many patients and decide whether we can indeed find a way of achieving your goals consistent with our capabilities and track record as well as what your body can reasonably withstand. These are difficult decisions and are not taken lightly. While we always seek out non-operative treatments which may be appropriate for a given patient and the least invasive treatments which will accomplish the required tasks, we understand that many patients come to us in a very difficult situation, are suffering greatly and will not improve without surgery.

What could go wrong?

We make every effort to mitigate the risks of surgery, however, we maintain a healthy respect that problems can and do happen. We will give every patient a complete description of possible complications and will entertain all questions about the likelihood of these rare events coming to pass. We encourage you to ask questions, bring a loved one who can participate in the discussion and learn as much as possible prior to making a decision.


Sometimes, there are multiple options for treating a given problem. If this is the case with your case, we will inform you as well as our reasoning for possibly favoring one versus another. Again, we welcome our patients to gather multiple opinions as well. We work very hard, but do not claim to know everything or have all of the answers.